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Get the Most from your Clean Windows

by Kerry Rigdon on 07/10/15

Clients love how good their windows look when cleaned!  It feels great to have the windows clean and sparkly - everything shines and looks amazing!  Here are some tips to help make the 'clean' last longer:

  • Getting a few spots?  Don't clean with spray cleaner or water, just polish with a dry microfiber cloth. Make sure the cloth hasn't been treated with fabric softener in the wash, as it will leave a waxy residue on the window.  This is a good way to polish water spots off of mirrors, as well.
  • Try adding our RainX package to your exterior windows your next service.  It is especially helpful for folks who have window walls that are directly exposed to rain.  The RainX causes the rainwater to bead and roll off the window resulting in fewer spots.
  • Clean both the inside and outside of your windows.  Occasionally we'll have a client unhappy with their exterior only window service...only to find out that dirty interior windows are the culprit!  Many clients alternate exterior only with inside out service.
  • Consider having your windows cleaned more often.  Windows that are cleaned often are much easier to clean and keep clean.  Regular cleaning prevents the build-up of dirt and grime that is more difficult to remove, especially out of the corners.  
  • Replace windows with broken seals.  When seals fail, moisture can condensate between the panes of glass making a window look 'dirty', 'streaky', or 'foggy'.  The condensation/evaporation process will eventually leave a permanent film between the panes that can't be cleaned.  
  • Check those sprinkler heads!  Make sure that no sprinklers are either aimed at windows or hitting objects that may cause spray to get on the window (the spray hits a tree or fence and ricochets on the window).  Ground water will etch windows causing permanent white spots where the droplets evaporate.  
Lastly...if you really enjoy clean windows, you should consider getting on a quarterly cleaning plan.  Many companies offer frequency discounts.  Rigdon certainly does...and you'll be surprised to find out how affordable it is!  Clients who have east or west-facing windows, or who have windows overlooking a view (golf course or water view) really appreciate having clean windows year-round...and you can have them too!  Contact Rigdon by calling 913-322-WASH(9274) for pricing and more information.  

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