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Gutter Cleaning - Why it is important to monitor gutters year round

by Kerry Rigdon on 02/18/13

Gutter cleaning is vital to your home.  Properly functioning gutters channel rain water and runoff away from your home's foundation.  

1. Runoff from blocked gutters can spill over onto concrete and landscaped areas causing erosion and damage.  Look for areas around your yard where mulch has been disturbed or is washing away - it can be a sign of spillover from an overhead gutter.

2. Leaves and other debris can create blockages in the gutter channels.  These blockages enable water to remain in the channels.  These are a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes during warmer months.  In cold weather, this standing water can freeze and the weight can actually pull gutters away from the house.

3. Water spilling over gutters can also spill back towards the home and damage the house itself.  Rot can occur when water (either from snow or rain) fails to drain away from the house.

4. Regular gutter cleanings include inspections.  Gutters are checked to make sure they are attached firmly to the house, flowing in the correct direction, and connected securely to downspouts.  

5. Droughts do not protect your home from water damage - even in dry seasons gutters need to be maintained.  Dry weather can cause soil to actually pull away from the foundation.  When rains return, these gaps expose the foundation to water. Gutters that function properly divert the water away from the foundation.  As a side note, be sure to water the dirt and soil next to your home during hot, dry weather patterns to keep the soil hydrated enough not to retract away from the foundation.  

Rigdon cleans gutters us with questions or to set up an appointment.   You can visit us at or call 913-498-3264.

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