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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What if it rains / rain is predicted the day of my appointment?  Safety is the our top priority and our crews have the final say with regards to their schedule and any weather related it precipitation, high winds, or extreme temperatures.  If you are concerned about potential weather, you can reschedule (we appreciate as much notice as possible).  However, we like to wait until the morning of the appointment to determine if we can resume the schedule after the weather has passed.  Often the inclement weather predicted doesn't materialize at all.  Other potential options for window cleaning include completing interior work as scheduled, and rescheduling the exterior work for later in the day / another day.  Icy conditions, extreme high or low temperatures, thunder and/or lightning will ground our crews.  As always, call the office if you have questions.

  • How much does it cost to clean windows?   Rigdon charges by count, and by type.  Typically the more panes on the window, the more it will cost. Call us for current rates - we'll be glad to prepare a quote for you.  Note that storm windows can be cleaned for an additional fee.  

  • How many feet of gutter do I have?  To estimate the length of guttering you have, you can 'walk-off' your guttering from the ground.  The average male has a stride of 2.5 feet, or 2.2 feet for a woman.  You can also visit Google Earth and view your home via satellite.  They have a measuring tool.  We use a surveyors wheel.

  • How much does it cost to clean gutters?  We charge by what needs to be cleaned at the time of service -- not by total gutter length.  You may have 300' of gutter, but if only 120' needs cleaning, that is what you are charged.  Also, for some homeowners their gutters may require more extensive cleaning in the fall than spring, or vice-versa.  Note that there is a minimum charge for all services.

  • Do you clean French / underground drains? Yes!  We offer French / underground drain cleaning in addition to our regular gutter service.  Additional fees apply.

  • What do I need to do to prepare for my service?  It is helpful to remove furniture or other items blocking access to windows.  

  • Do 2nd story windows cost more?  Not at all - we charge based on the type of window, not the location of the window.

  • Why is there an extra charge for storm windows?  We remove storm windows, clean both sides, clean inbetween the windows, and replace them.  

  • Do I need to put gutter guards on all of my gutters?  While we recommend guards be installed on all gutters, in some instances trees are only an issue on certain sections or sides of the home.  Guards must be installed on complete, end-to-end sections, however.   

  • What type of solution do you use to clean windows?  We use a simple soap and water solution.   Not only is it safe for your landscaping, it provides the best cleaning results for your windows.  

  • We have a walk-out basement / 3rd story.  Can you reach the upper windows?  Yes.  With our 40' ladders, not much is out of reach.  

  • If I get my neighbor to book a service at the same time, can we get a discount?  Absolutely.  You both would be eligible for the 10% multi-service discount.

  • You just cleaned my exterior windows, so why don't they look clean?  Interior windows accumulate dirt, dust, and even cooking grease and grime.  Unless both sides are cleaned, your results will be diminished. 

  • I don't have any trees in my yard, do I still need to have my gutters cleaned?  It is wise to check gutters at a minimum of once per year even if you don't have trees to make sure that they are functioning properly and have not come detached from your home.  Also, small animals may make their home in your gutters and often abandoned nests can cause serious blockages.

  • Why should I clean my gutters when I had a new roof and gutters installed recently?  New asphalt shingles shed after installation.  The new granular material tends to slough-off and can accumulate in the gutters.  This material is heavy and normal rains will not clear it out of your gutters.  Also, roofing material can sometimes make its way into your gutters and downspouts during the roofing process.  One homeowner had one foot of roofing nails clogging a downspout.  This could have potentially caused significant water damage during even a moderate storm.

  • Are you insured?  Yes.  Certificates of insurance are available upon request.  
Helpful information about our services can be found below. 
  • How do I count windows?  We count a window as a window, that is, each framed window equals one window.  Note that it is common in this area for builders to put 3 windows contiguous to each other. Those would be counted as 3 windows.  The same would apply to bay windows.  Our charges are based on window count and type.  Below are a few examples of typical window and door styles.  
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NOTE:  These graphics are merely guides that will help you identify the type of windows you have and the GENERAL method Rigdon uses to count windows.  Oversized, difficult to reach, and/or neglected windows may be counted differently than shown, or may be subject to additional charges.  We can provide an estimate prior to booking a service, but Rigdon reserves the right for our field technicians to adjust the estimate as necessary during the service depending on conditions found at that time.  No work or charges will proceed without client approval.  
GENERAL Method of How Rigdon
Counts Windows
Examples of Basic Window Types