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Rigdon, Inc. Services
Additional Services
Our professionals can provide a number of services around your home.    
Call us at 913-322-WASH(9274) for an estimate.
For estimates or appointments call 913-322-WASH(9274) or use the 'Contact Us' link!
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Window Cleaning
Our service includes cleaning window interior and/or exterior,  removal of surface dirt on frame and wiping down sills. For  additional fees we can clean screens, storm windows, scrub sills and add Rain-X to the exterior rinse solution which helps repel surface dirt and water spots.  
  • Installation of Gutter Guards
  • Underground Drain Cleaning
  • Underground Drain Installation
Gutter Cleaning
Gutter cleaning is one of the most critical home maintenance tasks! We remove all debris and inspect gutters and downspouts, flushing as needed. Service is recommended twice a year but some may require additional cleanings based on the age/type of trees nearby. 
Gutter Guards
Rigdon uses GutterRx covers for 
all of its gutter guard installations.  GutterRX comes with a 20-Year no clog guarantee.  Click HERE for more information!
Holiday Light Installation
Rigdon will custom-fit and install clear glass C-9 lights on your home, remove them after the holidays, and store them until next season. We can also install other holiday decor upon request.  
Our professional power washing service will remove grime, dirt, and mildew from many surfaces including driveways, decks sidewalks, awnings, home exteriors, porches, pool decks, and more!  Schedule for regular maintenance or to prep surfaces for painting, staining, or other remodel work.  
Power Washing
  • Chandelier and Light Fixture Cleaning (interior / exterior)
  • Ceiling Fan Cleaning
  • Mirror Cleaning
GutterRx Gutter Guards